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Aiden & Coco Essentails Spray | Choose your Scent

Aiden & Coco Essentails Spray | Choose your Scent

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FACE + BODY + MIND: An aroma-therapeutic mist to awake tired and stressed skin, hair and senses. Spray around your personal space and above your head for an energetic aura before doing, being and dreaming. Custom blend of essential oils are chosen to add botanical benefits and light moisture when used on skin. Synthetic free | Alcohol free | Vegan | No animal testing 2oz/60ml | USA made 

FOREST : Forest is inspired by the redwood forests along the California Coast. Spray and breathe in the scent of a fresh pine when you need a moment of relaxation and recharge. 


Pine: purifying and clarifying, tends to eliminate fatigue, increase focus, energize the body and improve mood.

Fir:  a pleasant evergreen scent with plant properties that soothe pain and relax muscles, stimulate the immune system, and decrease bacteria causing body odor. 

Cedarwood: warm, comforting, and sedative scent naturally promotes stress relief, and also deodorizes and freshens indoor environments.

COZE : Cozy up with this rich, warm and spicy scent as part of your daily self-care ritual, allowing yourself to strengthen the fullness of inner peace, vitality and joy.


Blood Orange: powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, a natural mood lifter with a warm, rich and bright aroma that will remind you of happy moments.

Patchouli: grounding, aphrodisiac and sedative, stimulates the release of pleasure hormones, enhancing the feeling of relaxation and stimulating sensual energy, also encouraging restful sleep.

Palmarosa: a floral note with a hint of rose, offers an uplifting effect on the mind, relaxing the muscles and nerves and its antiseptic properties can relieve inflammation and keep the skin healthy.

CALM : Calm is a superpower. This soothing herbal blend of Lavender, Sage and Italian bergamot will settle your mind and calm your nerves whenever you need it. 


Lavender: calming and relaxing, best known to alleviate anxiety and depression, improve sleep and support the immune system by helping relieve stress.

White Sage: uplifting and soothing, clarifies the mind, eases negative moods, enhances memory and cleans out bad energy. 

Bergamot: refreshing and stimulating, generates feelings of freshness, joy, and relaxation, and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

SUNDAY : Sunday is a happy scent reminiscent of whiling away a Sunday morning at the local farmers market, sifting through fresh-cut flowers and sun-kissed citruses. 


Grapefruit: energizing, invigorating, helps stimulate digestion, clear up congestion, promote positive effects on mood, encourage imagination, playfulness and overall sense of happiness.

Sweet Orange: cheerful and uplifting yet simultaneously relaxing, its zesty scent helps create a warm environment, stimulate and strengthen the immune system, and it can also help eliminate airborne bacteria due to its antiseptic properties.

Clary Sage: calming and euphoric, is known to ease stress and nervous tension, improve memory and alertness, and also promote relaxation and skin health by addressing acne, oil production, and inflammation.


GLOW: Citrusy, sunny, fresh. This blend of Clementine, Lemon, Orange Flower essences offers a harmonious citrus burst to energize the air and revitalize your tired skin and senses. Made with 100% natural ingredients and a custom blend of 5-10 essential oils chosen to add botanical benefits and light moisture when used on skin.


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