Polished Prints | The Future Is Bright, Dune

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Introducing our new favorite Future is Bright illustrated graphic tee for littles. Hand drawn by our own, we love how this design brings all the beauty of summer into one empowering, uplifting message.

Runs True To Size.

Super soft, lightweight. Dyed using non-toxic dyes - individually wrapped in recycled plastic poly-bags. We ask that you pay it forward by reusing them or recycling them at your local grocery store - Screen printed using eco-friendly water-based inks.

Each tee is made in Bangladesh by makers whose mission is to protect the environment and consciously strive to minimize the use of natural resources in the manufacturing industry. The factory is focused on the well-being of its staff, from paying fair salaries (on time!) to providing employees with on-site childcare and access to medical care, including free medications when needed.

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