Dune + Little Sparks | Dusk, Palo Santo & Sandalwood

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We are excited to announce we have created two Signature-Dune candles in collaboration with Little Sparks Candle Co. !

Introducing Dune Dusk.

-Dune Dusk - a grounding & relaxing scent, made from Palo Santo + Sandalwood.

In the past three years of us being open, there has been one constant in our store. Customers are always coming in wanting to know, “what is that scent??” Our goal was to encapsulate that “Dune-scent” into two signature, hand-poured candles so you can bring a little bit of Dune into your home.

These scents represent everything we value as a business; fresh perspectives, uplifting adherence, and a grounded sense of being.

-Coconut & soy wax candles
-Hand-poured in custom vessels, dusty rose ceramic vessel with lid, easy peel label to recycle the vessel   
-scented w/ phthalate free fragrance oils