The Palmer Plant Company | Scout, Terracotta Planter

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Made by The Palmer Plant Company. 

Size: 5.5"H x 5.75”D Top, Drainage Hole: Yes

Material: Terracotta Clay, Origin: Made in Dallas TX, USA

About Scout is an elegant funnel shaped pot perfect for a small/medium size plant. Details If you love the earthy quality of terracotta then our signature “Soft-as-Silk” pots will make you very happy. The rich surface of these pots is smooth to the touch, with a subtle but beautiful patina.

We use a labor-intensive process to achieve this unique surface applying a double layer of terracotta wash onto each pot, and burnishing each piece with our hands. This creates the softest raw-clay surface possible. All of our plant pots have drainage holes, as we know that this keeps plants happy.

Handmade Please Note: Each planter is hand made by real people in Dallas TX. Sizes are approximate; embrace and enjoy the slight differences in shape, size and color that are the result of human hands and natural materials. 

Made in United States of America